Dance GCSE

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If you enjoy dance, have plenty of energy and discipline and would like to develop the range of your dance skills, then the GCSE course is ideal for you.


2005 100% “A” Grades Alex Howard-Leach A*, Rose Reynolds A*, Rachel Gibson A*,   Jasmin Wing A*, Grace Humphreys A, Flora Gibb A

WOW!!!!! The AQA Exam Board informed us that Alex Howard-Leach was one of the top 5 students out of the 16,000 who took the Dance GCSE examination in 2005!

2007 100% “A” GradesShelley Malham A*, Chloe Osborne A*,

Alicia Spratley A, Danielle Foster A, Emily Stubbings A

2009 100% “A and B” GradesCharlotte Bligh A*, Katie Baker A*, Lora Benzie A, Bianca Cremona A, Sophie Findlay A, Georgina Smith B

9 Pupils are enrolled on the 2009-2011 Dance GCSE Course.

20 pupils are enrolled on the 2010-2012 Dance GCSE Course

(They include pupils from the following schools: The Marist, St George’s Ascot, Charters, St George's Weybridge and Garth Hill)